Video 4 - Advanced bramping.

... still to come.

  1. Photographic reciprocity.

  2. ISO-stepping

  3. Neutral-density filters.

  4. Automatic Interval-ramping.

  5. Collision detection.

  6. Future prediction

  7. Statistics.


Video 1 - Getting started.

This video gives an high-level overview.  Ignore the discussion about enclosures - the latest version of the hardware doesn’t quite fit these Pelican cases.

  1. Bits and pieces, and what they’re for.

  2. Connecting Little Bramper to your camera.



You can contact me personally at littlebramper@gmail.com


User Manual

The most current and authoritative document is the pdf manual.

Video 2 - User Interface.

Tour of the User Interface. 

  1. Status screen.

  2. Menu system.

  3. Invoking presets.

Quick guide.

This document summarizes the Little Bramper.  Requires minor updates. Note that I have added a small flashlight to Little Bramper.

Video 3 - Basic bramping.


  1. Starting/stopping.

  2. Camera review image and histograms.

  3. LED indicator lights.

  4. Changing bulb-ramp.

  1. Changing parameters in menu system.

still to come...

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Most problems typically involve faulty or incorrect cable connections and low battery power.

Problem: The shutter opens but never closes. 

Solution: Little Bramper is waiting to see the `shutter has opened’ signal from the camera’s PC socket.

This will occur if the camera (for some reason) didn’t fire a shot.    Also, if this connection is faulty, Little Bramper will never realize it needs to start timing the exposure.  If the camera did fire, check the PC cable.

The `shutter has opened’ signal is actually the same signal that fires an external flash unit - on some cameras (e.g. 7D) there’s a menu option (Custom Function 7: Enable flash to fire) that allows you to enable/disable an external flash unit.  Make sure you have this enabled.

When Little Bramper freezes like this, you can press the SHUTTER button on the Little Bramper circuit board, and this will simulate the shutter signal, unfreezing Little Bramper.

Problem: The red and green LEDs light up, but the camera does not fire. 

Solution: The camera should be exposing whenever the green light is lit.  If the camera did not fire then check the connection to the Camera’s remote trigger socket.  Make sure the Canon connector is pushed securely to the extension cable.  Ensure this cable is plugged into the REMOTE socket on Little Bramper. Ensure batteries are fresh - weak batteries may be able to power the LCD display, but lack the power to operate the camera triggering mechanism.

Problem:  I shoot time-lapses in LiveView mode - will Little Bramper work?

Solution: On the 5DII, for example, you can bramp normally in LiveView mode provided you have `Silent Shooting’ disabled in the menu system.  Also make sure you’re using the `stills only’ LiveView mode - if you use `stills + movie’ you won’t have access to Bulb mode (obviously you can’t shoot a movie using bulb exposures).


See Sections 8 to 11 in the user manual.